Manage your Competition Mail

Get a free Post Office Box for the duration of your competition to receive your mail. You can also get a postage rebate on every full stamped entry sent to your box, over a minimum number. Benefits Offset competition costs with the postage¬†rebate Keep postage costs down for you or your entrants – the postage […]

Full rate mail is for everyone

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If you want to send fewer than 300 items, and they’re not machine addressed, barcoded or sorted, Full Rate Mail is for you. Benefits It’s easy – simply post your mail in a street posting box or over the counter at any post office No minimum volume No need for barcoding, sorting or lodgement documents […]

Use Reply Paid for customer convenience

Reply Paid makes it easy – and free – for your customers to reply to your communications. As well as the Priority delivery, Reply Paid offers the option of a Regular delivery service, taking up to an additional two business days for delivery. Benefits Increase responses to your communications – when you enclose a Reply […]

Get your samples sent to their doorstep

Sample Post is a low cost way to mail people a sample of your product to try. Benefits Your customers can ‘try before they buy’, encouraging them to make a purchase Sending samples through the mail means they can try them in their own home, away from the distractions of other products and brands You […]