Manage your Competition Mail

Get a free Post Office Box for the duration of your competition to receive your mail. You can also get a postage rebate on every full stamped entry sent to your box, over a minimum number.
  • Offset competition costs with the postage rebate
  • Keep postage costs down for you or your entrants – the postage rate for competition entries is just $1.20

  • Make your competition easy to enter by choosing mail as one of your competition entry methods
  • Build your database for future promotions with a secure way for entrants to provide personal details
  • Track your response rate as we record the number of entries you’ve received and send you regular updates

What you can send

To qualify for the Competition Mail rebate, articles received can be up to 250g in weight and 5mm in thickness.

Entries that exceed these dimensions fall into the Large Letter or Small Parcel category, which require extra postage and are ineligible for the rebate.

Small items
Maximum weight 250g
Minimum size 88 x 138mm
Maximum size 130 x 240mm
Maximum thickness 5mm