Use Reply Paid for customer convenience

Reply Paid makes it easy – and free – for your customers to reply to your communications.

As well as the Priority delivery, Reply Paid offers the option of a Regular delivery service, taking up to an additional two business days for delivery.

  • Increase responses to your communications – when you enclose a Reply Paid envelope, your customers can respond quickly, easily and for free
  • Pay only for the articles that you receive

How to use Reply Paid

You can use our Reply Paid service for:

  • Reply Paid Letters (Domestic) – enclose a Reply Paid envelope, postcard, coupon or self-mailer in ‘Large’ or ‘Small’ items sent within Australia
  • International Reply Paid Letters (IRP) – extend your marketing campaign overseas and get the same benefits with for ‘Small’ items under 50g
  • If you need a reply paid service for larger items, you can use our Return Paid parcels service

We provide you with a Reply Paid address with barcode that can be pre-printed or handwritten onto envelopes. Customers then use this envelope to reply to you. You are charged only for the mail that is returned to this address – there is no charge to the customer.